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Georgetown University Send 'Thoughts And Prayers' To Market-Stricken Alums

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New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer blog has obtained an amusing bit of correspondence from Georgetown University vice-president James M. Langley to former students in the rapidly disintegrating field of Wall Street finance, who have kept the venerable D.C. institution in new facilities these many years:

In light of the extraordinary events that have rocked global financial markets this week, I write to express my deepest sympathy and concern for all members of the Georgetown University community impacted by the upheaval.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as the crisis continues and details of remedial efforts are announced. I intend to spend the coming months learning how our friends have been impacted and provide whatever support the University can.

Georgetown University was founded in the educational tradition of the Jesuits, who used to specifically take a vow against "ambitioning prelacies" - in an effort to guard against the encroach of "greed for money or power." I guess the value of a Jesuitical education is just one more thing that's circling the drain these days.

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