10/23/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Monocle Presents Its Dream Cabinet

Monocle, the international briefing on current affairs, recently put together its recommendations for the next President's ideal cabinet.

In a video narrated by magazine founder Tyler Brûlé, the magazine presents its "dream team of secretaries, directors, advisers, and peddlers of power."

Watch (read the list below):

The Dream Cabinet:

  • Secretary of State: Richard Holbrooke: "just the set of hands the US needs to correct some of its most nagging issues abroad
  • National Security Adviser: Samantha Power: "has the intelligence, authority, and steeliness to fill the post of National Security Adviser
  • Press Secretary: Maria Park: "someone to field questions from al-Jazeera in Arabic and from Joong Ang Ilbo in Korean...her only drawback, however, is that she doesn't exist"
  • Secretary of Trade: Indra Nooyi: "could turn around relations with the developing world"
  • Secretary of Energy & Environment: Amory Lovins: "the perfect pedigree to oversee the energy and environment at this most crucial hour"
  • Director of Overseas Development: Jeffrey Sachs: "suitable figure to share the love globally"
  • Secretary of Urban Affairs: Michael Bloomberg: "would put efficient public transport, increasing housing density, and regenerating decaying city centers at the top of his agenda"
  • Youth Director: Russell Simmons: "he'd certainly make tens of millions of American youth happy with his insights and policies to promote everything from entrepreneur programs to safer campuses"
  • Director of International Branding: Mickey Drexler: "he sold Americana to Americans, so he's perhaps the best candidate to flog the brand elsewhere"
  • Innovation Director: Steve Jobs: "imagine what he could dream up with 50 states to play with"

Monocle's October issue hits newsstands in the US Tuesday, September 23. The cover image is included below: