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McCain's Terrifying New Surrogate: Max Boot

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Great news, everybody! The McCain campaign is no longer just the world's leading place of employment for those who got it wrong on Iraq. They're now also the world's leading place of employment for those who got it even more wrong on Iraq! That's the only conclusion reachable with the news that Max Boot, of the Council on Foreign Relations, has joined up with McCain to make his foreign policy message even more nutlog. Josh Marshall is compiling the best of Boot, but if you want the essential distillation, Spencer Ackerman's got the essential Boot pull:

Once Afghanistan has been dealt with, America should turn its attention to Iraq. It will probably not be possible to remove Saddam quickly without a U.S. invasion and occupation--though it will hardly require half a million men, since Saddam's army is much diminished since the Gulf War, and we will probably have plenty of help from Iraqis, once they trust that we intend to finish the job this time. Once we have deposed Saddam, we can impose an American-led, international regency in Baghdad, to go along with the one in Kabul. With American seriousness and credibility thus restored, we will enjoy fruitful cooperation from the region's many opportunists, who will show a newfound eagerness to be helpful in our larger task of rolling up the international terror network that threatens us.

Isn't that priceless? To think that the best advice the McCain/Palin ticket is likely to receive this week will come from Bono. Uno, dos, tres, quatorze, America!