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Tech 1.0 Stars: Where Are They Now?

First Posted: 09-30-08 08:30 AM   |   Updated: 10-31-08 05:12 AM

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Silicon Alley Insider:

We're not ready to call the end of the second Internet boom quiet yet. But when we do, we'll be looking for some perspective. For instance, whatever happened to the high-flyers of the last bubble once it deflated?

Good news! We tracked down 36 of them -- from Turkish romantic Mahir "I KISS YOU!!!!!" Çağrı to a search engine founder-turned-cattle rancher, and found that almost all of them have found interesting second acts.

Many now work as venture capitalists or have founded new startups, while others have gone on to some unexpected fields. Find out who has helped cure more than 15,000 people of blindness, and who went to work for the Gap.

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