11/04/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

NYT: "American Carol" A Lazy Satire Of The Left

"An American Carol" wasn't screened in advance for critics, but why would it be? After all, what good is the traitorous opinion of the cheese-eating news-media elite when it comes to a satire of the radical left?

Kevin Farley stars here as Michael Malone, a Michael Moore-like documentary filmmaker whose most recent diatribe, "Die, You American Pigs!," is a box office failure despite his following among campus protesters, Hollywood sissies and other snooty factions of the blame-America-first set. Malone tries to right his reputation by preparing a fiction feature ("Fascist America") while simultaneously planning a rally to ban the Fourth of July.

Directed by David Zucker ("Airplane!") with his trademark indifference to pace and plot, "An American Carol" uses the template of "A Christmas Carol" to string together its gags (far too many of which involve Malone's stuffing his mouth or getting whacked in the face).

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