5 Ways To Avoid Yoga Rage

11/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

I live in urban New York, so I don't drive, and therefore don't experience road rage. I do, however, experience its distant cousin--yoga rage. As a yoga practitioner for the past 10½ years, perhaps I should embody a love for all humankind at this point. But still, nothing gets my yoga pants in a bunch like rude yogis and yoginis who don't observe the rules of the road. So for rookies to seasoned class attendees, here's a list of simple, common courtesies that every yoga practitioner should observe.

1. Give others their space
The other night in yoga class, I set up my mat near the far, windowed wall, and though the room was practically empty on that rainy evening, a woman came in and plunked her mat down right next to me--too close to allow me to spread my arms wide for the Swan Dive Into Standing Forward Bend at the beginning of Sun Salutations without hitting her. Annoyed, I moved my mat closer to the wall and then reclined resentfully as I waited for class to begin; the cold wind blowing through the windows gave me chills.

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