O'Reilly's Winning Strategy For McCain: Make Loud Noises!

11/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As a measure of just how ridiculous the discourse has gotten, let's consider this portion of the O'Reilly Factor. In it, Karl Rove is trying to suggest that it's important for John McCain to present his record alongside Barack Obama's, so that the voters can make their own decisions on the two candidates. Now, let's allow that when Rove suggests a "side-by-side comparison," that comes freighted with all the typical, misleading, "Rovian" stuff. Leaving that aside, Rove actually comes off as the sane, sober partner to this discussion, because O'Reilly's suggestion? To "elevate" McCain? To "transcend politics?" It's to engage in crazyfaced, nonsensical rantings, much in the same way that O'Reilly did with Barney Frank last week.


"It was a face! It was a villain! It was Frank vs. O'Reilly!" O'Reilly says, angling for the Peabody Award For Historic Achievement in Journalistic Lycanthropy. We remind you, that the historic battle of O'Reilly vs. Frank hinged on a clip that clearly showed Barney Frank saying that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were "not a good investment." This is followed by O'Reilly, bellowing in indignation, that Frank never said this, for several minutes. So, if he had his way, this is the insanity that Bill O'Reilly would subject America to for the four remaining weeks of the campaign. Who's looking out for us, again?

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