11/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

SNL: "No Truth" To Sarah Palin Appearance Rumors

No, no, NOOO!

That is, no Sarah Sixpack Palin on this Thursday's special primetime edition. This, my friends, is the official word from no less an authority than Seth Meyers, whom I just got off the phone with.

When I asked Seth about said rumors - that Palin might actually show to meet Tina Fey Palin face to face, thereby setting off a quantum reaction that would make the disappearing island in "Lost" look like child's play, he said: "Of those specific rumors, there's no truth. We do have an open door policy, but there's nothing specific yet, but our window of opportunity is before the election. We'd love to have McCain and Obama on again, too. Our doors are always open."

So...let me get this straight. Sarah Sixpack has told "SNL" no way, and that "I'm gonna pass up a chance to get on every front page of every newspaper in this wonderful land of ours, just so's I can talk to some nice ladies at a PTA function in Omaha."

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