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Picky Eater? How To Change Your Attitude

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I can't stand most fruits and vegetables and literally have to force back a gag reflex to eat them. I've done that by what I'll call 'visualization' combined with a desire to be someone who eats healthy. However, I fail constantly at eating healthy and I just passed the obesity level on the BMI scale. Is picky eating a disorder?

When you say you cannot stand most fruits and vegetables, I assume that this is comparative--compared to the unhealthy foods you eat, you "can't stand" fruits and vegetables. Your gag reflex tells me you've built up a visceral reaction to healthy food. You may have reinforced the idea that you "can't stand" it, and it is now an established problem. Picky eating may not be a disorder, but eating habits can lead to a physical disorder called obesity.

The "visualization" that you're doing seems only to reinforce that you're eating something inedible.

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