11/09/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Reporter Complains About Obama Plane As World's Tiniest Violins Play Piteous Strains

[UPDATED, Below]

It's a pretty well known fact that the Obama campaign doesn't exactly go out of their way to coddle the cadre of reporters that follow their campaign. Many have reported on it. As early as January of this year, Howard Kurtz took on the topic, and offered some big-picture analysis of the Obama camp's general "aloof attitude," and its potential cost. But, via Alex Balk, no one's opened up a new frontier of journalistic atrabiliousness as CBS' News Dean Reynolds, who took to CBS's "From The Road" blog to throw a pity party, celebrating his own diva-ish distemper.

Reynolds basically thinks that the Obama campaign could treat him a whole lot better than they have been. Let me summarize: Obama's "campaign schedule" is too full! "Baggage calls are preposterously early!" They once "idled for two hours in a Miami hotel parking lot!" They "airily dismiss" complaints about the timeliness of schedule printing! They aren't as "friendly" as the McCain camp, who have out schedules in the form of "actual books you can hold in your hand!" The "events are designed" for the "simple needs" (and the simple minds!) "of the press corps!" Obama's plane is messy and smelly! McCain's plane is better!

Seriously. I don't know what world Dean Reynolds is living in, but where I live, people need another story about reporters reporting on reporters about as badly as they need a polonium enema. There are legitimate, serious, necessary inquiries that need to be put to these two candidates, and if Reynolds isn't up to the task, maybe he should tag out and give someone who is of sterner stuff a crack at the CBS's newshole. Someone who's less sensitive to the smell, maybe. The smell that's no doubt been generated by...uhm...reporters.

Think about this: that bright shiny McCain plane that Reynolds loves so much is going to be traveling this weekend to Davenport, Iowa. DAVENPORT! Wasn't it just last week that Mike Murphy - who's no doubt got a fondness for John McCain's modes of travel - asked, "What the Hell was McCain even doing there in the first place?" If Reynolds gets on that plane, he's going to be traveling about as far from the election battleground - and the story - as you can get. But I suppose that if they get him the schedule on time and keep his drink refreshed, he's just gonna be as happy as a pig in leavings!

Reynolds, puffed up with fake bellicosity, concludes his post by warning, " politics, everything that goes around comes around." OOOH. Whatcha gonna do, hyper-sensitive reporter that I've never heard of before you started whining about your luggage? Are ya gonna leave your tray table in the down position as the Obama plane descends? Grow up.

UPDATE: Ana Marie sends me to the following post on Radar, which includes this news:

Anyway, obviously one of the hot topics of the day was whiny-whinerpuss Dean Reynolds, the Chicago correspondent for CBS, who bitched about waiting on the tarmac and the Obama plane being SMELLY on his blog. Says Cox, "When I overheard some reporters this morning comparing how many hotel points they had racked up ('One more Hilton stay and I'll be Diamond level'), I shivered with rage at that guy all over again." Still: "Every other reporter I talk to thinks the the column was asinine."

One correspondent told Cox that when she started a new job, with an international assignment, "her manager took her aside and said something like, 'Now, this is going be difficult and exhausting (no sleep, foreign locations, etc), but I never want to hear you complain, because everyone at home thinks you have the best job in the world.' She said that she tries to remember that every time she wants to complain. And I said, 'And I'll think of Dean Reynolds.' One of our colleagues quoted McCain's story about getting his bracelet from the gold star mom: 'It's a reminder of why we're fighting, etc.' So I'm thinking of getting a bracelet with Dean Reynolds' name on it."