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TIME: CW's Easy Money "Best New Network Show"

First Posted: 10- 9-08 03:41 PM   |   Updated: 11- 9-08 05:12 AM

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Easy Money


ou might be surprised to hear that the best new network show of the fall season may well be on The CW, shunted onto a throwaway night that the network turned over to an outside production company to fill with programming. Because The CW and the studio, Media Rights Capital, didn't send me a premiere screener of Easy Money, which debuted last night, I was just as surprised.

Easy Money would be intriguing for its scarily prescient premise alone: it's a comedy-tinged drama about the Buffkin family, who run a loan-sharking business presided over by matriarch Bobette (Roseanne's Laurie Metcalf) and largely run by her son Morgan (Jeff Hephner), whom Bobette gave the middle name "Stanley" in a burst of postpartum optimism. "My business is based on one simple idea," Morgan tells a date of his: "Never tell yourself no." Easy Money is suffused in that philosophy, not just embodied in the loan business but in various characters who chase get-rich-quick dreams, from buying lottery tickets to joining acai-berry-juice pyramid scams.

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