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Hulu's Success Has Rivals Wanting To Jump On Bandwagon

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NEW YORK ( -- The studios' missteps on the web are legend. So when NBC Universal and News Corp. announced they were going to launch a video portal, it was easy to dismiss the effort, and many did.

Then a funny thing happened: Two months after Hulu launched in March, it became a top-10 video site. In August, by ComScore's measure, it served more than 122 million TV shows and short clips such as Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Palin on "Saturday Night Live." Among mainstream-media digital-video efforts, it now trails only Viacom Digital (an amalgam of hundreds of sites), Disney Online and Turner Network in ComScore rankings.

All of this before Hulu parted with the first nickel of its planned $50 million marketing campaign this fall.

The unexpected success of the joint venture, at least initially, has caused broad rethinking within media about how to distribute TV and other video online. At the heart of the question: Do we partner with Hulu or build our own?

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