11/13/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why DePaul Fails Sex Ed

"After the release of the 2008 Trojan Condom sexual health report card, DePaul University failed to make the grade, coming in last at 139 for availability of sexual health resources and student opinion of the campus health center," Gina Nigrelli reports in the DePaulia, the student newspaper of DePaul University. "At DePaul, finding resources, information and sexual health services turned into a game of hide and seek."

Nigrelli points to DePaul's "Catholic doctrine," which bars the distribution of contraceptives on campus, and a health center that does not offer routine STD testing as key factors in the Lincoln Park school's bottom ranking:

Sage Medical Group, the current student health service at DePaul does not make HIV and STD testing available for students, along with the availability of birth control and contraceptives.
Liz, a junior sociology major with a concentration in public health, had had enough after being turned away from Sage for a routine STD test twice. She said they wouldn't test unless she was sure of an STD, "but that is what I went there to find out."