11/15/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Liveblog! Obama and McCain Meet Head On For The Last Time, Unless You Count Election Day

It's here! The final Debate of Debates, this final night that endeth a journey through an endless series of Presidential Debates from Philadelphia to Oxford to Tampa to Nashville to St. Louis to Des Moines to Cleveland to Boca to Myrtle Beach to Austin to now this — this final Night of Nights and Debate of Debates, a night where ANYTHING can happen because this race is TOTALLY UP IN THE AIR!

Well, not really. John McCain pretty much needs a miracle. But this is the 2008 election, where crazy is the new normal, so really, who knows. As the conventional wisdom goes: All Barack Obama has to do is be steady and 'Presidential,' while meanwhile McCain has to try do the same — which is a LOT harder for him. Oh well - at least he'll be seated tonight, so he won't have to worry about The Wander.

Meanwhile, NBC and CBS each led their evening newscasts with the financial crisis (sorry, ABC, I catch you at the office and left early today) - but the point is, the night of the final presidential debate, it's not even the top story because the economy is going to hell in a handbasket that is also on fire, for good measure. So really, it's all gonna come down to this. Will McCain lose his temper? Will "That One" speak professorially? (Drink every time someone on cable says that!) Will McCain dare to speaketh the name of William Ayers? And what will the squiggly lines of CNN have to say about it all? Tune in, all, because our liveblog is live....and in a few minutes, so will the final Presidential Debate of the 2008 Election. Join us below!

Obama is kicking McCain's ass, and McCain is saying things like "I can do this! I can do that!" Our focus group is biased, granted, but man.