Peter Cook Sex Tape With Teen Diana Bianchi Surfaces

11/16/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Update: Diani Bianchi is MAD:

Bianchi, through her lawyers, said she was horrified to learn from Page Six that she was secretly taped with a camera set up in Cook's architectural offices in Southampton. "She is devastated to learn about these surreptitiously recorded sex tapes," Rosemarie Arnold fumed to The Post's Dan Mangan. "She had no idea she was ever being recorded."

Now the NY Post reports the Peter Cook sex tape could leave Cook facing felony charges


RUMORS of an explicit home video showing Christie Brinkley's slimy hubby Peter Cook having sex with his curvy teen office worker Diana Bianchi have made the rounds for months, and now Page Six can reveal the truth - it does exist.

Yesterday, we were shown a series of stills from a video depicting Cook and Bianchi, both nude, having sexual intercourse on a brown love seat. They also show Bianchi performing a sizzling striptease down to a pair of black, G-string panties and then to her birthday suit as Cook holds his crotch.

Another shows Cook resting his head on Bianchi's buttocks. It appears the tape was made at Cook's Southampton architectural office without Bianchi's knowledge. But other stills that are apparently not from the video show Bianchi willingly posing topless.

In July, Brinkley settled her nasty divorce with the philandering Cook - who detonated their 10-year marriage with his affair with then-18-year-old Bianchi - for just $2.1 million of her $60 million fortune. She also won full custody of their kids. Cook, who confessed to a $3,000-a-month online porn habit, doled out $300,000 to Bianchi in a legal settlement that kept her mum and prevented a likely sex-harassment lawsuit.

One theory why Cook settled for so little is that Brinkley found the pictures on his computer and used them as leverage. Brinkley's lawyer Robert Cohen said: "Nothing about Peter Cook's behavior shocks us. We don't know anything about this tape. We never saw it and we never heard about it. Christie's concern is for the sake of her children and she hopes this video is kept private."


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