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University Of Chicago Clashes Over Milton Friedman

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Professors at the University of Chicago say a proposed $200 million research center named for Milton Friedman, the late economist championed by conservatives, would enshrine the free-market philosophies they say have brought the global economy to the brink of ruin.

More than 100 faculty members signed a letter in June protesting plans for the Milton Friedman Institute as a misuse of university funds and an endorsement of the so-called Chicago School of economics, which favors limiting the role of government in the economy. The faculty held a senate meeting, the first in more than a decade, today to discuss the institute and adjourned without taking any action.

``There was a robust debate on all sides of the issue,'' university spokeswoman Julie Peterson said in an interview. ``I expect the administration and the dean and the faculty that proposed the institute to take time to consider the issues raised in the meeting.''

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