Follow Austin's Example -- Cut Back On Energy And Save Big (VIDEO)

11/24/2008 03:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Kilowatt Ours," an educational documentary on the climate crisis and how some people are combating it by cutting back on energy use, recently started screening in areas around the United States. To find out where you can see the entire film, visit

Filmmaker Jeff Barrie offers hope as he turns the camera on himself and asks, "How can I make a difference?" In his journey Barrie explores the source of our electricity and the problems caused by energy production including mountain top removal, childhood asthma and global warming. Along the way he encounters individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities who are leading the way, using energy conservation, efficiency and renewable, green power all while saving money and the environment.

Below is an interesting clip from the film featuring Austin, Texas, a city that seems to have clutched conservation from the jaws of coal. WATCH:

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