SNL Thursday: Crazy McCain Rally Lady, and The Joe The Plumber Effect

11/17/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

If it's Thursday, it's Saturday — Night Live, of course. In round two of SNL's election-season prime-time outings, there was a final debate sketch, featuring — yes — Joe the Plumber, repeated often and with feeling. It also occasionally veered into the hallucinatory. Amy Poehler and Seth Myers were back manning the anchor desk, but the highlight of the show was unquestionably Kristen Wiig as the Crazy McCain Rally Lady asking if Obama was a muslin (Poehler: "No, man, muslin is a type of fabric") and asserting that he's "50% Egyption...he's going to change the White House to a pyramid." As usual, it's more how Wiig embodies the character than anything else - her tiny voice and wandery gait were as weird as ususal. Also featured were Darrell Hammond coming back again to Jesse Jackson, and a debate ssplit-screen joke which, alas, did not feature a split screen. Oh yeah, Wiig gave me another laugh-out-loud moment: In her Suze Orman get up for a promo with this weekend's host Josh Brolin. The character used to be funny but random, and now it is funny and relevant as hell.

Videos below, plus a special bonus video:

Update: Crazy McCain Lady/ We Liked It

Update Thursday: Jesse Jackson

Trailer for "Children's Hospital" - SNL/Daily Show/Colbert/UCB Comedy Friends Web Series:

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