Campaign Trail Antipathy Really Getting Scary Now

11/21/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Good God. Really? According to the AP, officials in Cullowhee, North Carolina are having to investigate who placed a dead bear cub on the campus of Western Carolina University, and bedecked it with Obama campaign signs. That's right. Someone shot a bear cub in the head and stapled Obama signs to it. Seriously. What is wrong with people?

Tom Johnson, chief of the university police, serves as this event's official Cosmonaut Of The Totally Obvious: "This is certainly unacceptable...Someone was wanting to draw attention to the election." Somewhere, in tribute to his fallen comrade, a bear defecated in the woods.

Leila Tvedt, the associate vice chancellor of the university, said, "We cannot speculate on the motives of the people involved, nor who those people might be." And truly, who can blame her for not wanting to ponder the motives that drove someone to...yes--SHOOT A BABY BEAR IN THE HEAD, DRAG THE CORPSE TO A SCHOOL AND PLACE ELECTION SIGNS ON IT.

Chesterfield County police are investigating the theft of a resident's campaign sign supporting Barack Obama's historic bid for the presidency.

The 4-by-8-foot sign in the yard of a black resident was replaced by a Confederate flag.

The Obama sign was posted by 78-year-old Leroy C. McLaughlin, a Baptist minister. He reported it missing on Friday.

Chances are, though, this stuff is all a part of what it means to Sarah Palin to be a patriot.

And now, my soul needs to go and throw up a little.

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