11/21/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Having An Affair? 10 Things To Address Before You Confess

Today's Times of London has a pretty interesting list of 10 things to think about before you confess to any extra-curricular, um, activities.

While there are always two sides to every coin (and as such, plenty of excuses to be made), we're not sure about some of these arguments. Namely, the opener on the list:

1. Infidelity is not as common as you might think. A 2006 online survey of 46,000 people revealed that one in five married men and one in ten married women had committed infidelity during their marriage (BBC's UK Lovemap).

Hmmm...are they implying that because everybody does it, it might just be OK? This reminds us of the age-old parental wisdom: "If everybody jumped off a bridge, would you?"

That's followed up by a "what they don't know, can't hurt them" tactic - namely, if it was a one-off and you didn't mean it, and (more specifically) there is NO way the other party will ever find out, then maybe mum's the word to keep.

2. If there is no way that your partner will find out about a one-off misdemeanour on a business trip, and you want your relationship to survive, honesty is not necessarily the best policy.

To be fair, they do encourage telling the truth ("if the affair is ongoing and there is a chance that someone else will tell your partner") or if your partner's sexual health is at risk.

And there's also a helpful outline of the "four types of infidelity":

Accidental infidelity (an unintended act of, usually drunken, carelessness); the romantic affair (you meet somebody wonderful while you are going through a big crisis in your life); the marital arrangement (comfort while you avoid dealing with a marriage that won't die and won't recover); and the philanderer (men who continually need their masculinity affirmed, women who are the daughters or ex-wives of philanderers).

And lastly, they cap it all off with a nice little tidbit to remember: The divorce rate among those who marry their lovers is 75 percent. Maybe the grass isn't always greener?

We're curious about your thoughts on this list, and if you have anything to add, so read the whole article here, then come back to share your thoughts!