Chrysler's Volt Envy

11/23/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Hank Green EcoGeek

I thought it was ridiculous when GM was advertising the Volt two years before scheduled production. But now Chrysler is advertising the Volt, and they're not even GM (yet.)

So, I'm checking my email...I've just received a message from Lyle over at GM-Volt saying that GM has decided who will be supplying the Volt's battery (LG Chem, if you're curious.) And what do I see, but an ad for the "Volt"... from Chrysler.

I mean, yeah, I agree, Chrysler should have had the foresight to start planning an extended range EV three years ago...but they didn't. And now they're obviously regretting that. The full ad reads "Volt - Learn More About ENVI & the New Chrysler Fuel-less Vehicles Today." The ad links to a page discussing Chrysler's recent commitment to produce one of three electric vehicles by 2010. From there, you can explore Chrysler's green program, including a blog for their ENVI environmental program with exactly one post.

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