11/24/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Political Websites See Traffic Surge, Huffington Post Leads The Way

Portfolio declares, "It's Arianna's election; the rest of us are just watching it."

Internet traffic measuring service comScore released its statistics for September 2008 earlier this week, showing a boom in visitors for websites trafficking in politics and the 2008 election. Here at Huffington Post, we have seen our traffic increase 474% from September 2007, making us the #1 site in comScore's "Stand-Alone Political Blogs & News Sites" category with 4,545,000 unique visitors for the month. (the #20 political blog/news site for September with 104,000 unique visitors) points out that the Huffington Post's September traffic is roughly equal to that of Politico (#2 at 2.4 million unique visitors) and the Drudge Report (#3 at 2.1 million unique visitors) combined.

Portfolio's Mixed Media asking, "Is an upsurge in liberal sentiment driving the traffic growth to liberal sites? Or do sites like Huffpo and Daily Kos deserve some of the credit (or blame, depending on your point of view) for the current pro-Democratic trend in politics?"

MediaPost notes that not only is the Huffington Post the most-trafficked political news site, it is also among the fastest-growing:

Ranked as the largest political site, The Huffington Post grew more than fivefold to 4.5 million unique visitors in September, compared to 792,000 a year ago. TalkingPointsMemo, run by political blogger Josh Marshall, enjoyed the biggest audience bump, going from just 32,000 to 458,000.

For a total list of comScore's top 20 standalone political sites for September 2008, visit Silicon Alley Insider.