11/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Are Citizens 'Too Stupid' For A Constitutional Convention?

T here they stood, like an old Archie and Edith. Gov. Jim Edgar and his 1992 gubernatorial opponent, Dawn Clark Netsch, side by side in the Thompson Center press room last week to unite behind a cause. They want you to vote "no" to a constitutional convention on your Nov. 4 ballot.

Frankly, I was insulted.

Their bottom line, along with all the special interest groups weaving fear into their messaging, is this: Anything you want to change about Illinois government - the players, the stalemate, the governor himself - can and should be done through the legislative process. The problem is not the constitution. It's the people we send to Springfield. If we did a better job vetting them, we wouldn't be stuck in this mess.

I disagree. I am voting for a convention for two very specific reasons: Article IV, Section 3, Legislative Redistricting, and Article X, Section 1, Education.

There is no way to make radical change without doing something radical. These two articles that determine our representation in Springfield and our unfair and inefficient taxation system will not be changed through the legislative process, no matter whom we send to Springfield.

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