11/29/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

You Are Style: Designer Shoshanna Gruss

You are unique, so why would you want to look like anyone else? Introducing You Are Style, a celebration of people who buck trends and wear what they want. Our next subject is designer Shoshanna Gruss.


Whose style do you most admire?
I have always thought my mother Betty has the most amazing style. She is always perfectly put together, so elegant and fun.

Do you have a favorite style item?
I love shift dresses. They are my favorite item. It is the most versatile piece in my wardrobe and I always feel great in one.

Are there certain physical features (your eyes, your height, etc.) that inform your style?
Because I have always had a shapely figure, I have had to be careful to not dress too sexy. I think one of the reasons I gravitate towards more classic items of clothing is because it balances out the curves of my body. I prefer to complement my body, not overexpose it.

What's the best style advice you ever were given or would want to give others?
My mother, who has a similar shape to mine always helped me be proud and confident of who I am, and that included what I looked like. She showed me how to dress my body appropriately without hiding it. She was never one to jump on trends, but rather to cultivate her own sense of style from what she loved. This is something she passed onto me. I think the most important thing people need to understand is what works best on them, and then work on adding knew elements and layers to it. If you feel good on the inside, you can't help but look great on the outside.