11/30/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

GE Reinvents The Refrigerator

Over the past few years we have waited for GE's ecomagination to change from pretty pictures to reality, and now we are beginning to see the results. In 2009 they are rolling out "Smart" Energy Management Enabled Appliances that can talk to the electric utility to manage loads and reduce peak power demand. VP Kevin Nolan explains:

''Peak hour energy demand is growing faster than total energy demand. It is imperative that we begin to shift some of the energy load from peak hours to other parts of the day -- helping to avoid the need to build new power plants to meet the demand. At GE, we believe that peak load reduction is the next opportunity in energy saving appliances. We believe that smart, energy management enabled appliances will be the next phase of innovation,'' explained Nolan. ''It's not enough to simply use less power, as Energy Star encourages today, we now need to consume our power more intelligently.''

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