Campaign Cool Downs: 10 Steps To Inner Peace (SLIDESHOW)

12/04/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

When politically provoked, here are 10 no-fail ways to go from riotous to relaxed.

Debate parties starting to feel like World War III? Are you alienating friends and family with your staunch, hyper-educated self clad head to toe in campaign gear? Be proud. Now check your ego and be effective.

Politics are personal and that's why you feel like showering when you go toe to toe with someone whose opinions insight riot in your. Between the economic upheaval and the ecosystem's "debatable" fragility the hot button issues determining Election 2008 have some of us so heated up that we are lashing out. And it's not becoming or impactful. Where we need to spend energy is in how we elegantly express ourselves and become commanding orators not Dem-ish diehards. So how do you take ferocious passion and turn it into a beautiful, flowing dispatch that might just compel McCain's constituents to convert? A little bit of yoga.

It only takes 5 days for your typical boiling point to be retrained. A study from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Education of China and the University of Oregon's Brain, Biology and Machine Initiative demonstrated that 5 days of relaxation training showed an increased ability to resolve conflict and lower levels of anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue than in the control group.

These 10 yoga tricks will increase your ability to see political differences as the perfect alchemy for a nation in need of respectful discourse in order to become dominant in peace brokerage, leadership and financial rejuvenation.

Debate Yoga


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