What Will Regulation Look Like After Bush?

12/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What does the future hold for regulating Wall Street?

Regardless of who wins today's election, both Barack Obama and John McCain have staked out different positions on issues involving economic regulation -- and each is very different than the outgoing president.

The Economists' Voice looks at what we might expect in the post-Bush era:

While  the  presidential  candidates  have  been  diverted  by  critical  issues  ranging  from  Barack  Obama's  taste  in  lettuce  to  John  McCain's condo,  it's  hard  to  deny  that,  once  elected,  serious  questions  involving  economic  regulation--everything  from  housing  finance  to  alternative  energy  mandates--will  be  front  and  center.  And  here,  at  least,  the  divisions  are  clear:  Obama  would  use  a  heavy  hand  to  push  the  economy  back on  track,  while  McCain  would  do  his  best  to  put  the  free  back in  free  markets.

Or maybe  not.


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