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Rahm Emanuel's Valentines Day Jokes: "Valentine's Day Is When Dick Cheney Fantasizes About Waterboarding"

First Posted: 11- 5-08 12:52 PM   |   Updated: 12- 6-08 05:12 AM

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The Washington Press Club dinner is the beginning of the end of sorts. Every year it officially marks the start of Prom season, ala the rubber chicken circuit, which for us packs countless "black tie optional" dinners in a span of 2 months with the same people. Most times in the same place, even. Alas, not the point.

Let's just set the scene for you a bit: The dinner for last night is a traditionally long dinner. Lot of press.

Lots of congresspeople. You sit in the Ritz ballroom and you eat your entire dinner before the speakers even start. The speakers for last night -- and, mind you, a lot of congressional people turn it down when asked because it's almost a fail-fail situation -- were Rep. Rahm Emanuel and Sen. John Cornyn. They were introduced by Speaker Nancy Pelosi who was resplendent in emerald green and Sen. Mitch McConnell, who was resplendent in his own special way, respectively.

People try to be funny. Sometimes it works. Like in Rahm's case. Most of the time it doesn't -- like in McConnell's and Cornyn's case. It's not entirely their fault -- they're just not funny people.

In the outskirts of all this going on, there are occasionally celebs that go to this thing. Like one. No more than two if you count the reigning Miss America. Possibly three if you add in the tiara. Last night the celeb was Ted Danson -- who is shockingly lankly, almost lurky? He was a guest of CQ. And people did try and talk to him but mostly, they stick with the inside Washington rule and talk to each other and just merely gawk at Danson and remark on his "natural-looking" bright white hair.

And so reporters mingle with their peers and staffers mingle and congresspeople look shockingly out of place and uncomfortable until its time to leave. Unless of course they're Rahm.

The theme of last night's dinner, even before it started, was Rahm rocks. We passed by him in ballroom and asked what his best joke was, and he demurely replied, "I don't know." To his defense, there were a lot to choose from.

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Filed by Jessica Gusman  |  Report Corrections