Chris Wallace And Jon Stewart Have An Awkward Chat

12/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Teevee news on Election Day was like four weddings and a funeral, with CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN betrothing themselves to the grandiosity of the moment and its dowry of Transformation and Change and Transcendence and Changeformendence, and Fox News' staff fulfilling their role as the sulky outsiders, with sad-faced Brit "Napoleon Dynamite" Hume glumly narrating the evening that a billion hours of anti-ACORN hysterics couldn't, in the end, forestall. The ratings for Fox weren't that great, either, which is too bad, because watching them morosely go through the motions whilst the other news organizations showed off their heroic music and spangles and terrifying hologram technology was a fascinating thing to behold.

Jon Stewart, from the sounds of things, did take the time to watch the Fox crew perform their Election Night duties, and was fortunate enough to have Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, on hand to discuss the evening. "How long do you sit shiva?" Stewart asked Wallace, who related that "we're all really happy" except for Sean Hannity, "who is too busy in the bathroom crying." Wallace, does, as Stewart suggests, "have his moments," but not cracking jokes -- though, to be fair, that whole "ACORN was a legitimate story" line does get a lot of laughs. Anyway, here's a clip of Jon Stewart gloating in front of Chris Wallace.