"Daily Show" Writer: "It's Going To Be Fun Watching Fox News Rapidly Lose Their Balance"

12/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Here's what four other participants in coming festival events had to say about the state of comedy and politics.

J. R. Havlan
Writer, "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart"

Q. Are the results of Tuesday's election a mixed blessing for the "Daily Show" writing staff?

A. It's probably no secret where our politics lie; we are in show business, after all. We're not unhappy with the results of last night [Tuesday]. We haven't sat around thinking, "What are we going to do, comedically, if Obama wins?" There's going to be plenty going on around him. Plus, Ted Stevens may have won in Alaska. Proposition 8 passed in California. We don't need a semiconscious president to put on a decent show.

Q. And how do you do that?

A. We look for stuff, but we don't create it. Something has to happen for us to make fun of. Unlike the actual news, what we say is based in fact. It's going to be fun watching Fox News rapidly lose their balance. We may have a thing or 200 to say about that. We did a bit on the show about "So many people are happy about what happened, but we're forgetting about old racists, who thought they would be able to die without seeing this day." That bit comes from a genuine place.

Q. Have comedy writers figured out a way to make fun of Barack Obama yet?

A. Well, his name is Barack Obama. It's kind of inherently comical. We can work around a personality, but we don't really know so much yet what his quirks are going to be. He's good at speaking, so he's less likely to say something stupid. But he'll have plenty of people around him to take care of that. I mean, it's going to be a Democratic administration with a Democratically controlled Congress. If anything, we might have to start doing two shows a day.

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