Circuit City Store Closings List

12/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Sylvia Cochran Associated Content

Circuit City Store Closings List

The store closing list released by Circuit City and dated 11-03 is substantial. It cuts down the number of operating stores from a high of more than 668 to now only 566.

There are two closures in Alabama, one in Arkansas, 13 in Arizona, here in California 24 stores will close their doors, three will close in Colorado, one in Connecticut, seven in Florida, 19 in Georgia, 14 in Illinois, four in Indiana, two in Kansas, three in Kentucky, four in Louisiana, three in Maryland, seven in Michigan, four in Missouri, one in Mississippi, one in North Carolina, two in New Jersey, one in Nevada, eight in New York, 11 in Ohio, four in Tennessee, nine in Texas, three in Virginia, one in Washington, and one in Wichita.

For Californians the most crucial store closing will be the Circuit City store 422 in Compton, an area that is already in precarious socioeconomic dire straits and can ill afford to lose a big anchor retailer in its attempt at revitalization and gentrification.

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