12/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Getting A Job After Bear Stearns, An MBA, Or A Kid

1. The Bear Stearns Casualty
AGE: 33
RESIDES: Jersey City, New Jersey

Resume Highlights:
Moved here from India in 1993, then finished a four-year engineering degree in three years. Worked as a techie with Reuters, got a masters in computational finance from Carnegie Mellon, and spent three years as a risk consultant at Deloitte and Touche. At Bear Stearns, monitored trades for two hedge funds until they went bankrupt. Moved over to the firm's credit-trading desk and got laid off in August.

What He's Looking For:
A risk-management role at an investment bank, private-equity firm, or hedge fund. Bhargava isn't bitter about Bear's downfall and has kept busy giving tennis lessons in Jersey City. Still, he sees ex-colleagues landing jobs "pretty easily," while his own interviews have so far led nowhere.

Desired Salary: $115,000

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