What Your Choice Of Drink, Hair, And Others Reveal About Your Personality

12/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Did you know that people who like golden retrievers are usually laid back, enjoy nature, and can be too trusting? Did you know that people who list ice cream as their favorite desert are into sports and hate giving up the remote? All of our choices--even tiny ones--can reveal certain aspects of our personalities. Do you know what you're revealing about yourself?

What Your Office Workspace Says About You
A study at the University of Texas Austin found that offices can reveal much about a worker's personality and dedication to the job. In general though, a worker with a highly personalized space is one who is secure about her position and claiming her space.

Empty or Un-Personalized Desk
This indicates either a lack of dedication to the job or someone who is generally dissatisfied with the job--in either case, not a good sign.

Plants, whether they are cared for or not, reveal that a worker is planning to stay at the job.

Candy Bowl/Lots of Supplies
This worker wants people to come visit her and is an extrovert--shy or introverted types would never put anything on their desks that would draw others into their spaces.

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