12/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Biggest Green Homes In The World: Pretty Counterintuitive

The U.K. has the most expensive green home that has ever actually been sold: the Orchid House broke records at �7.2 million, or $14.2 million USD. This house, however, isn't nearly as large as the others on this list at 2400 square feet. The cost works out to roughly $6,000 per square foot. Set to be built on the Lower Mill Estate, a 450-acre nature preserve in Cotswold, the home features cutting-edge design and aims to generate more energy than it consumes through geothermal heating. The form is created using laminated veneer lumber clad with timber shingles imprinted with a camouflage pattern. The buyer chose to remain anonymous.

The developers responsible for building 995 Longbow Place in Larkspur, Colorado proudly call this 9,800 square foot home "one of the greenest luxury homes ever built." Somehow, they see this home as having a "small footprint" despite its size and a utility bill that, despite being helped out by solar panels, costs a paltry $350 per month. In a press release, Legendary Properties boasts, "Four additional solar electric panels produce enough electricity to run the home's six refrigerators." Recycled and reclaimed wood, non-toxic blow-in insulation and low VOC finishes round out the green aspects of the home, and the asking price when it was up for sale last fall was a mere $4.5 million.

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