12/15/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Has Private Lunch With Durbin, Tapes Interview

Senator Dick Durbin had lunch with President-elect Barack Obama Friday and told reporters that they discussed a range of issues, including the makeup of Obama's cabinet and his replacement in the Senate.

From the Tribune's account:

Durbin, speaking to reporters about an hour later after an unrelated school event, declined to name names that came up at lunch. But he said Obama "is assembling what I consider to be the strongest team for a president's cabinet in modern memory."

The cabinet will include Republicans as well as Democrats, Durbin said.

Durbin also said he and Obama talked about a variety of people who might replace him after Obama officially steps down from the Senate on Sunday.

Durbin said he had not spoken with Gov. Blagojevich about Obama's replacement, but reiterated his desire to do so as long as the conversation would be "in confidence."

Among the other events on the President-elect's Friday schedule was the taping of his first post-election interview, which will air Sunday on "60 Minutes," at the Ritz-Carlton.

From the pool report:

At 2:33 pm, the president-elect left the transition office and headed to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel for his and Mrs. Obama's interview with 60 Minutes.

As the motorcade left the transition office building, police and Secret Service stopped people at the crosswalks, so the motorcade could pass. There had to be a couple hundred folks standing around, bundled up in overcoats and down jackets and scarves -- waiting, and waving/snapping cell phone camera pix/etc. As the motorcade made its way north to the hotel, people just stopped walking along the sidewalks and waved and grinned.

At 2:48 pm, the president-elect's SUV arrived at the hotel.