Annabeth Gish On H "Brotherhood," Nude Scenes And Politics

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Q. You had your first roles as a teenager, and then things seemed to slow down a bit. Has your career met your expectations?

A. I don't know if I had any expectations. I know that I definitely deviated from a potential path after "Mystic Pizza" by deciding to go to college. I wasn't on a meteoric rise like Julia, but by opting to go to school instead, I slowed things down.

Q. You had a nude scene as Eileen. Did you do any special preparation for that?

A. That was my first nude scene, but because it was not exploitative, it didn't feel compromising to me. But it's also one of the most liberating things for me personally, when you're using your body freely, without judgment, to express a character's emotional state. Did I work out? No, because Eileen doesn't work out, and you can't be a gym rat if you're playing someone who isn't.

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