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Ayers: Our Neighborhood "Kind Of Like Wasilla"

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Salon's Walter Shapiro talked to Bill Ayers about the election in which he played a surprisingly big part:

Do you feel diminished by Obama repeatedly referring to you throughout the campaign as just some "guy from the neighborhood"?

Not in the least; I am a guy from the neighborhood. And I'm proud of it ... And the neighborhood being Hyde Park, which is a very close-knit, very friendly, very politically diverse, very racially diverse. You have all kinds of poles there. You have [conservative] Judge Richard Posner on one pole and Louis Farrakhan on the other. And everything in between. It's an interesting neighborhood, a college town [the University of Chicago]. It's close-knit. It's kind of like Wasilla, Alaska, except that it's different.

Ayers also spoke to ABC's "Good Morning America" soon after the election ended. See that interview here.