Angelina Cries Talking About Late Mother (VIDEO)

03/11/2010 03:21 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Actress Angelina Jolie welled up with tears as she talked about her late mother at a press conference for her new film 'Changeling' in London on Monday, even cursing as she welled up (the word "fuck" is muted in the video below). Her mom Marcheline died of cancer early last year.

'We used to call her Marshmallow, as a joke, because she was just the softest, most gentle woman in the world.

'She was really sweet and was never angry - she couldn't swear to save her life. But when it came to her kids, she was really fierce and so this (film) is very much her, her story.

'She was the woman I related to, who had that elegance and strength for knowing what was right.'


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