12/20/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Christmas Warrior O'Reilly Doesn't Practice What He Preaches

Last week, I noted how Fox's Bill O'Reilly, as per usual, was kicking his annual "War On Christmas" into high gear. Each year, O'Reilly inveighs against people, especially retailers, who refuse to offer him the proper "Merry Christmas" greeting -- opting instead for the ecumenical "Happy Holidays." This is clearly threatening the fabric of our great republic! But, if you remember, we warned that parent company News Corp. was a frequent antagonist in O'Reilly's personal yuletide psychodrama, consistently using the "Happy Holidays" solicitation.

Well, O'Reilly's "War On Christmas" aggression is about to be turned inward, as soon as he discovers that he avoids using "Merry Christmas" himself! The folks over at NewsHounds capture this image from O'Reilly's own site:

OH NOES! A "Holiday Reading List?" What's with all the secular humanisting? And really, what on earth is this mention of "the winter season?" Could it be that O'Reilly is secretly worshiping Wiccan moon gods at Solstice time?