The World's Most Powerful Eating Strategies

12/20/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Every nation has its weapons in the nutrition wars. For the Chinese, it's antioxidant-rich green tea. The French have their red wine. In Italy, it's olive oil--cans and cans of the stuff.

Americans? We tend toward fad diets and expensive shortcuts like gastric-bypass surgery. But we're also big on openness and acceptance. So, in the best melting-pot tradition, we asked international nutrition experts, cooks, and the editors of our overseas editions of Men's Health for healthy-eating tips from their homelands. It was like having a dozen ethnic-restaurant menus slipped under our door, but with the healthiest items circled.

Then we culled out our favorites (see More Food From Around the World for the countries that didn't fit in the magazine), compiling the best and most useful information from around the globe for fighting disease and battling the bulge. Like that exchange student who broke your heart back in 11th grade, it could change your life.

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