12/21/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Chris Matthews Returns To "Ellen," Refuses To Dance (VIDEO)

Chris Matthew's much-anticipated return to "Ellen" aired Thursday, and he made sure to be careful on his walk out.

After being introduced with a montage reminsicent of a horror film, in which Ellen recalled his previous visit — which ended with Matthews groping her and throwing her to the floor in an attempt at a dance move — Matthews came out with his hands up and avoided Ellen's attempts to dance with him.

"You fell, I tried to save you, it didn't do any good," Matthews said, and he suggested that the two of them should take Jitterbug lessons together.

"We should join 'Dancing with the Stars,'" Ellen said.

"In your case, it's 'Dancing with the Scars!'" Matthews joked back.

Ellen thanked Matthews for being such a good sport throughout her countdown to his return, calling Matthews "a really good man."

For the last week, Ellen has had fun counting down to Matthews' return, displaying grope-proof bras, trying out a Chris Matthews force field, and hosting a self defense expert. View all the videos at the links below.

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