12/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

David Letterman Phones Katie Couric To Talk About McCain Diss

David Letterman's Katie Couric interview made headlines for Couric talking about Sarah Palin — but many, including the New York Post, were surprised that Letterman didn't talk about John McCain, and the infamous night when McCain lied to Letterman and ditched him to "return to Washington immediately," only for Letterman to find him in Couric's interview chair later that day.

Letterman fixed that Thursday night by calling Couric — who was "just hanging around, watching Oprah" — to discuss that night.

"I was all prepped to chat with you about this and you had brain synapse misfirings," Couric told him.

"Dave, I had no idea he was booked on your show," Couric said. "So, you know, he called me on my cell phone - does he have your cell phone number, Dave? He said, listen, I'm suspending my campaign, and he told me why, and I said, Senator McCain, that's interesting. You're in New York, why don't you come and do an interview so you can tell the American people rather than just tell me? Had I known he had made a commitment to you...I would've said, by all means, go do Dave's show. "

"I think you were in on this," Letterman said.

"I promise you. I had no idea until you apparently had a little cow on the air with Keith Olbermann," she responded. "And then you did that creepy Big Brother thing by stealing our video."

Dave also complained that he was left to talk to Keith Olbermann, to which Couric responded, "I feel for you, Dave."