12/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Wolfson: Drudge Siren Gave Me Nightmares

Via Politico, Former Hillary Clinton campaign flack (and current Fox News contributor) Howard Wolfson tells the New York Times how the Drudge siren drove him mad:

By the end of the campaign, I was seeing the Drudge siren in my sleep. As people in politics know all too well, Matt Drudge, the Internet provocateur who runs the Drudge Report Web site, posts a flashing siren whenever he wants to alert readers to major campaign news or rumors. The siren haunted my dreams and was always in the corner of my eye -- except when it was in plain sight, on my computer screen, signifying success or, more often, terrible failure and impending doom. As soon as that siren started flashing, instant messages would pop up, just below the siren, one after another -- each one beginning with "Seen Drudge?" until my entire computer screen was filled with instant-message boxes illuminated by the light of Drudge's siren. It might have been beautiful if it hadn't been so frightening.