Poll: Palin Top GOP Pick For 2012

01/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A new Zogby poll shows that despite her divisiveness and the anger directed her way by Republican campaign aides after the election, Sarah Palin is still Republicans' preferred 2012 candidate:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the slight favorite of Republican voters as the best candidate the party could run for President in 2012. When all voters are asked that questions, Palin falls into a three-way tie with Mitt Romney and Bobby Jindal.


Palin's strength is with all conservatives, conservative religious voters and gun owners. Among Republicans, she gets the support of 30% of Born-Again Christians, 32% of weekly churchgoers, 34% of National Rifle Association members, 28% of current gun owners and 29% of self-identified conservatives. More GOP support comes from 32% of blue collar workers, 30% who shop weekly at Wal-Mart, 28% of NASCAR fans and 25% of both those with children under 17 and those with family members in the military. She scores lower among GOP voters ages 18-29, with 15%.

Twenty-four percent of Republican respondents chose Palin, compared with eighteen percent for Romney and sixteen percent for Jindal. When all voters were polled, each candidate took about thirteen percent of respondents.

The poll also finds that Mike Huckabee will have a hard time beating Palin among the base:

Palin looks to be stealing Huckabee's thunder among Republican religious conservatives and working class voters. Huckabee is an ordained Southern Baptist minister, and his highest GOP totals still come from Born-Again Christians (15%) and weekly churchgoers (18%), but those numbers are about half of those drawn by Palin. Despite his populist economic message, he wins only 10% of blue collar Republicans.

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