01/05/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

City Budget Director Unexpectedly Resigns

Mayor Daley's $163,656-a-year budget director abruptly resigned Thursday, leaving a giant void as Chicago struggles to survive its worst financial crisis in recent history.

"Look at the history of budget directors. It's two budget seasons and out. That's just the way it goes. It's a tough and demanding job. I've done a lot to try and help the city, but it's time to move on. It is truly and absolutely for my own personal reasons," said Bennett Johnson III.

Johnson made headlines in February when he installed a $5,400 shower in his City Hall office just weeks after pushing through a budget that raised taxes fines and fees by $293 million, including the largest property tax increase in Chicago history.

The 38-year-old budget director said he needed a personal shower because he rides his bike to work when weather permits. He paid for it out of his own pocket, insisting that was his intention all along.

But the political damage was done

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