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Obama's Team Expected To Advocate Tough Response To Genocide

First Posted: 12- 8-08 06:07 PM   |   Updated: 01- 8-09 05:12 AM

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Sudan Talking Justice

Christian Science Monitor:

A genocide prevention task force concludes that US leadership, early warnings, preventive diplomacy, and coordinated international action are crucial elements of any effort to prevent the kind of mass killings that have ravaged Sudan's Darfur and the Congo.

That may sound like another well-meaning Washington study destined to gather dust. But the fate of this task force -- led by two Clinton administration foreign-policy heavyweights, Madeleine Albright and William Cohen -- might be a little brighter. One reason: The conclusion of its year-long labor corresponds with President-elect Obama's naming to his national-security team a diplomat who has advocated swift action when genocide threatens.

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