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Megan Mullally And Cheryl Hines In Sitcom Catfight: Report

First Posted: 12- 9-08 08:14 AM   |   Updated: 01- 9-09 05:12 AM

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Cheryl Megan

Fox News:

It wasn't fun and games this week on the set of ABC's new midseason replacement sitcom, "In the Motherhood."

I'm told that stars Megan Mullally (of "Will & Grace" fame) and Cheryl Hines are recreating the famed relationship once shared by Cybill Shepherd and Christine Baranski on the '90s sitcom, "Cybill."

In other words: they're already at war.

Sources say that at a table reading the other day, Mullally pretty much had a meltdown. She didn't like the script and didn't mind saying so.

"She was circling other people's lines and redistributing them to other characters," says a source close to the production.

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Filed by Katherine Thomson  |  Report Corrections