01/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Purple Ties Take Over Politics (SLIDESHOW)

Is purple is taking over politics? In July, The New York Times reported that purple ties had become a symbol of neutrality for news anchors covering the presidential campaign.

Now it seems this trend is taking off across the pond, as Zoe Williams writes in The Guardian:

Purple has become the go-to colour for political gravitas. By which I mean, Gordon Brown is wearing it, on his ties. I worry about reading too much into the PM's neck furniture, because he strikes me as the kind of person who might just work his way round the entire spectrum of Tie Rack, like a very diligent person who doesn't really care. But it is not just him. Darling is also in purple. In October, Brown and Miliband were in purple on the same stage, in Brussels. The broadcaster Adam Boulton decided it was the "colour of recession". Or maybe they normally ring each other up, to check they won't clash or match, only because of the recession they can't afford to.

Here are some purple-loving political figures:

Political Purple

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