01/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Nothing But The Truth": An Exclusive Clip From Rod Lurie's New Film

Writer-director and Huffington Post blogger Rod Lurie's new film "Nothing But the Truth" captures the story of a young journalist (Kate Beckinsale) who publishes an explosive story in her daily D.C. paper that reveals the identity of a covert CIA agent (Vera Farmiga) and triggers an investigation into who was the source of the leak. Lurie, in a HuffPost blog post earlier this month, described the film as "a thriller about how far a journalist will go to protect a source."

The film, with shades of Judith Miller, opens December 17th in New York and December 19th in Los Angeles and along with Beckinsale and Farmiga, stars Alan Alda, Angela Bassett, Matt Dillon, David Schwimmer and Noah Wyle.

Here's an exclusive clip from Rod Lurie's "Nothing But the Truth":