01/16/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Reporters: Our Obsessive Blago Coverage A Problem For Obama

This is a bit mindbending. This afternoon, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell chatted up Carol Marin, the political editor of WMAQ, NBC's Chicago affiliate, about the Blagojevich scandal. Mitchell termed it "just the craziest story that anybody has ever covered." I assume that by "craziest," Mitchell meant "shiniest."

Anyway! Mitchell asked Marin about what sort of challenge the Blago scandal is posing for the Obama transition team. Marin's response is an astounding example of reporters reporting on reporting, while pretending to be doing something else:

MITCHELL: How challenging is this for the incoming administration? A distraction, and they are trying to minimize it, but it's certainly created a lot of noise.

MARIN: A distraction! It is a monumental distraction. A recent Pew study showed forget about the economy and forget about the Obama transition, this is the gripping drama that seems to be headlining the news. It absorbs huge pages of the New York Times as well as the Chicago papers. So this is the soap opera of the century.

It SEEMS to be headlining the news? Marin seems to live in this world where the people who are actively responsible for turning the story into a "distraction" and a "soap opera" are not aware of what they are doing. Luckily for Marin, someone PUBLISHED A STUDY, confirming the matter.

Still, Mitchell and Marin scratch their heads, totally confused by the fact that what the press is causing to happen is actually happening.